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UA Special Forces

Package content 30 – tactical shovels 2 – tablets Lenovo M10 Total cost ~1010$ Delivered for guys:

Yaric Junior Arta

The guys from the artillery brigade, which was formed recently, needed to provide a communication link between the batteries. The Foundation Dzyga’s Paw helped with

Boots for Azov

Military footwear is a thing that wears out quickly, it is like a consumable. It happens that during military operations, shoes may not be removed

Military Kitchen

Shipment from ?Dzyga’s paw? was handed over to the field military kitchen to the front line. This will help them to have constant refrigerators turned

Valera Unfeared

Valera is 19 years old, he has been participating in combat operations for a year, knows how to fly a helicopter, and has destroyed several

Just medicine

The guys who were going to the front asked if possible to provide them with medicine, tourniquets and painkillers. We did it.

Generator for 24 squad

Roman bought and delivered a generator for us. We, the platoon of the 24th Brigade, the guys from Lviv needed to ensure an uninterrupted power