Our goal is to support Ukrainian defenders with equipment that would either grant them tactical advantage, or make their life at the frontlines more comfortable.

Therefore, we work with the units daily to figure out their real wants and needs, and do our educated best efforts to fulfill those requests!

Separate delivery

Parcel #1 to UA SOF: night vision

We rounded up some funds from our supporters and put it towards a really important cause: night vision for psdinfo UA SOF (that’s the Ukrainian

Parcel #3 to Dima recon
Dima Recon

Parcel #3 to Dima: uniform update

Parcel #3 to Dima and the special recon team. Whole lot of the best uniforms and pouches available so they can fight in great comfort

Starlink to Hospitallers
Separate delivery

Parcel to Hospitallers – Starlinks

Starlinks are key for Ukrainian Army comms! They work anywhere and support multiple devices which allow you to achieve a whole range of combat tasks.


Parcel #8 to Blacksmith – Chainsaws

Chainsaws from Dzyga’s Paw for guys in the artillery unit! Unusual parcel but essential for building hide-outs against counter-battery fighting and providing firewood for heating

Dima Recon

Parcel #5 to Dima ‒ Electronics

One more parcel to Dima and his unit. We sent them the electronics needed to set up proper operation in the analytical center and to


Parcel #7 to Mortarmen – Starlink

This unit specializes in adjusting mortar fire. They fly a copter (which you can see in the picture) and stream the video to their headquarters.