The Paw of help to Ukraine

Dzyga’s Paw is a Ukrainian charity foundation that supplies the Ukrainian military with high-tech equipment, increasing the efficiency of our forces. We directly connect with the regular army and SOF units to impact their combat potential and safety.

We want them to succeed in fighting Russian invaders and protecting the free world from Russian barbarism!

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Our projects

We exclusively provide direct assistance to those we know. As a result, we can guarantee that no supplies are lost in the chain of middlemen. We make sure the requests make sense, and only then do we put our best efforts into fulfilling those 100% validated requests.

Helping Ukraine

We are doing everything possible to be transparent by accounting for all our work for the Ukrainian military and civilians.

Ukrainian military feedback

As we interact with military units daily, they are happy to provide feedback on our work.

Our story

24th February 2022, when the most recent Russian barbaric invasion began, Dimko Zhluktenko decided to quit his IT job and dedicate himself solely to volunteering. He resolved to support various units where he had friends by activating his military ties – so they could fight better. Drones, StarLinks, night vision, radios, generators, EOD equipment – all of that he initially bought using his own savings, realizing that this is a war for the survival of the Ukrainian nation.

“Fight back first, then rebuild”

We are putting most of our efforts in a military rather than a humanitarian direction. However, we still try to help civilians when we can.

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Thanks. We are making it happen.

🙏 Thanks to everyone who has supported our efforts since Day 1 and those who have recently joined us.
Every coin helped, helps, and will help.
Knowing that we, Ukrainians, are not alone in it is a great feeling. The whole world is ready to support Ukrainians in fighting the Russian invasion – absolutely inhumane and terroristic. Together, we will stand united against evil, defeat the invaders, and free Ukraine from suffering caused by Russian forces.

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