Ukrainian military feedback

As we work with military units daily, they are happy to provide feedback for our work.

Ukrainian EOD officer 💣
Military engineer

Since 2012, when we were sitting with Dmytro at the same desk, I have never thought how different our life paths could become, and still intertwine – when I am defending Ukraine and Dimko’s charity fund packs me and my unit with top-notch EOD equipment, rangefinders, drones, and communication devices. Friendship of a lifetime.

Recon unit 🧐

My team and I are very grateful that we met Dimko. His team and your donations helped us so much.

We cannot even recall the hole amount of the staff that were delivered to us.

It helps us to be more effective, faster and have this feeling like someone is taking care of U. And those emotions motivates U everyday.

Thanks a lot!

Vice commander of Mortar Battery 🪖

Special thanks to Dzyga’s Paw charity fund who supplied us with generators, StarLinks for good communications, charging stations (which stand 10 hours of StarLink usage, by the way), solar panels, etc – so we now have the connection and electricity in the places where previously it was not possible.

3 UAVs, the third one was a big hexacopter with advanced optics which enabled us to see and correct our mortars up to 10 kilometers. We did not have such ability before. That says it all.

Enablers and life saviors.

Azov sniper 🎯

Thanks to Dimko and Dzyga’s Paw charity fund for supplying our unit – from smokes and sweets, to high precision rifles! You guys have a real impact on us.

We are stronger together! Glory to Ukraine!

Viktor Brit
Ukrainian British air recon ✈️

All the equipment Dimko sent is gold here. I don’t know how exactly he does it, but it all comes along very quickly and with no hiccups.

Anti-aircraft missile artillery unit 🚀
Special thanks to Roman for supplying me with useful military equipment. It helps me to be harder and faster. One more small step to the win! Glory to Ukraine!
Commander land unit

We met Roman at the Lviv airport in the first days of the war and are still friends. Roman provided me and our platoon, when we were on the front lines, with the necessary: military medicines, thermal imaging devices, etc., which helped us resist the enemy and survive. When I was injured, Roman supported me with treatment. Thanks to Roman and everyone who helped. Glory to Ukraine!

Oleh Arta
Artillery unit

Thanks for Roman and Dzyga’s Paw charity fund. They supply our unit with Starlinks, generators, usual tactical equipment, even cigarettes and sweets. Now we can have uninterrupted communication and can complete combat operations more effectively. Glory to Ukraine!