Bohdan Azov

Before February 2022, Bohdan had been a normal civilian person with his own dreams and goals. Recently, he changed his job, became a .NET software engineer, was happily raising three kids, and met each sunrise with his loved one.

With February 2022, when Russia has invaded Ukraine on full-scale, everything changed. Instead of going fishing with sons and playing with dolls with his daughter, Bohdan now “hunts” Russians in the destroyed lands of Donbas. Having his loved ones in safe places abroad, he has joined a special unit, the goal of which was to de-occupy Mariupol. That’s how he became a combat sniper.

The war was unexpected for everyone, so there were issues with equipment. But thankfully, our nation is strong and there are great people all around the world who care.

Thanks to Dimko and Dzyga’s Paw charity fund for supplying our unit – from smokes and sweets, to high precision rifles!
We are stronger together! Glory to Ukraine!

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