SKALA (the Rock)

Yuri Skala’s military career began in August 2014, when he joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a soldier at his own will, voluntarily. Despite the simple military position of a senior soldier, the future officer led the consolidated units out of the encirclement in Debaltseve (Donetsk Region) in 2015.
The prospective battalion commander has successfully graduated from officer courses at the Odesa Military Academy.

The professional experience of Skala Commander includes conscript service in the President of Ukraine Regiment, which performs tasks similar to the functions of other countries’ Life Guards. Yuriy’s management experience is complemented by his service as a platoon commander in the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation/Joint Forces Operation, working in the operational command.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia to Ukraine, he headed the newly created military unit, which stood up for the defense of the state, and later formed the backbone of the Skala Intelligence Battalion.

“I immediately knew who I would go with when the enemy attacked. With Skala. Because the Commander is a man of his word: he promised, which means he will do it,” the servicemen of the unit say about their leader.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation to Ukraine, we supported Victor “Brit”, who was part of the Skala Battalion. After Victor’s death, we continue to help his combat comrades from the intelligence unit, in memory of Victor – so his sacrifice is not in vain.

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Parcel #2 ‒ demine while flying!

While gathering this parcel, we had two objectives: demine fields when going on recon missions operate drones via tablets with custom firmware & software We

Parcel #1

Brit leads air recon unit. Their job is to get into the car in the morning, drive to the frontlines, hide somewhere, and fly drones