Parcel #1

Brit leads air recon unit. Their job is to get into the car in the morning, drive to the frontlines, hide somewhere, and fly drones for the whole day to gather recon data onto Russian positions to further correct artillery shots. For operating drones and navigating maps, we have sent them 3x tablets that later on will be rewired to have special military OS.

Quite often, the frontline is all mined by Russian forces. It’s not safe being there, and that’s why we have also sent them that military grade mine detector CEIA CMD. It’s one of the best available and is used by the French Legion.

Care package content

  • Minedetector CEIA CMD – 1x – 3000$
  • Android Tablets – Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 + cases + glasses – 3x – 1000$
  • Memory cards SanDisk 128GB Class 10 V30 W-90MB/s R-170MB/s – 6x – 30$
  • Good coffee – 12kg
  • Cigarettes – 50 packs = 500pcs
  • Snickers – 40x
  • Chocolate waffles – 30x
  • Thermoactive socks – 5x
  • Topped up with sweets from Twitter gift @faeline711 🙂

Total value – ~4500$

All well received by Brit and his unit!

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