Max. Early 20s, has proper military education in EOD and military engineering. Platoon commander. Good friend of Dimko Zhluktenko.

After the war is over, Max wants to start a peaceful life and try running a small business to learn how civil life works and develop Ukraine.

We here at Dzyga’s Paw supply Max’s unit with all the necessary equipment to protect Ukrainian land, people and culture. EOD work is important, and we see it clearly and value it as well as we value our EOD officers so we work towards getting the best equipment to them according to their respective needs.

To help us get more protective and demining equipment, send us a donation with a note ‘Max’!

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Parcel #4 to Max – Autonomy

With this parcel, we have sent them a set of equipment to enable portable satellite-based internet connection. There is no such thing as cellular in