Parcel #4 to Max – Autonomy

With this parcel, we have sent them a set of equipment to enable portable satellite-based internet connection. There is no such thing as cellular in the warzone. It’s either disabled or dangerous to use. With Starlink and generator and power inverter, you can have internet connection everywhere, and it would be safe.

Our goal was to improve autonomy of the unit, so they would be able to embark onto more remote missions and still be connected to the commanders. 

And, of course, sweets and cigarettes are just small things to make our fighters happy!

Care package content

  • StarLink – 1x
  • Multitools Leatherman supertool 300 – 1x
  • Portable Petrol electricity generator – 1x
  • Oil for petrol generator – 2 liters 
  • Power inverter 12V to 220V – 2x 
  • Rechargeable batteries size C – 12x – for mine detectors
  • Drone cable – 1x
  • Uniform helicon rip stop multicam – 2 sets 
  • Compasses ? – 10x  
  • Snickers – 8x
  • Cigarettes – 40 packs – 800pcs

Was well received by Max! 

Moreover, months after, the same Starlink and generator were still in use at the frontline, providing secure and safe network connection to the troops. Starlink is worth nothing in peaceful Ukraine, but in the warzone it’s critical to have it, and it brings gigantic value.

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