Parcel #5 to Max ‒ Long-awaited rangefinders

Rangefinders are critical for any EOD and military engineering work. Especially the ones that work with long distances and are accurate. It enables precise recon and calculations over explosives.

Exactly those we have sent to Max and his unit this time. Topped it up with the usual cigarettes and sweets, and, this time, SPF creams as well – it’s 35 Celsius there.

Care package content

  • SPF 50 cream – 14x 
  • Antimosquito sprays – 4x
  • Rangefinder Nikon RangeX 4k Black – 4x 
  • Rangefinder Nikon Monarch 3000 – 1x
  • Rangefinder Bushnell Legend 1200 – 1x
  • Extra batteries for rangefinders
  • GoPro & accessories – 1x
  • Type-C – Lightning cable – 1x
  • Cigarettes – 30 packs – 600x

Topped up with sweets from Twitter gift @faeline711 🙂

Well received by Max! 

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