Parcel #6 to Max ‒ Setting up a proper bomb shelter for rest and training

It’s critical to have safe locations in the warzone. Max and his unit have been creating such in the time free from executing missions.

For that, they have found a nice underground shelter, and repurposed it as liveable location. They have also asked us for Starlink kit and projector – both for training and rest. Projector is intended to be used for showing training material and planning as a group, and – when it’s not that busy – for watching Ukrainian movies and news.
On top of that, Dimko’s Twitter is serving as donation gateway, and people have started donating not only money but also sweets and equipment!

We are forever grateful to those who decide to support Ukraine in its right to defend itself. We will stand our ground. Our ad-hoc charity fund is literally an answer to bloody Russians invading us – we won’t give up, we will fight and ensure our defenders have everything they need to fight.

Care package content

  • Starlink – 1x
  • Projector for training XGIMI H1s – 1x
  • Cigarettes – 15 packs
  • TruPulse 360R Laser Rangefinder – donated from Twitter @smithereen4now
  • Canadian MRE’s – 3x – donation from classmate
  • Board games – 2x – donated from Dzyga’s Paw member
  • Polish sweets from @proxima33243181 from Twitter!

Well received by Max!

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