Parcel #1 to Max – EOD equipment for the win!

In the very first parcel we have sent to Max, we have tried to cover a need for individual sapper kits. They had the equipment to do the work, but it was old Soviet equipment that is not easy to use in combat conditions – I.e. 20 different heavy instruments vs 1 multitools which has it all. We have also included other items such as trekking socks to validate our assumptions whether they could be useful at the frontlines.

Care package content
  • Tactical MOLLE universal bags – 10x. For storing equipment. Mounts on the vest.
  • Rutus Alter 71 – 1x. Metal detector for finding mines underground. They need more of those, but that is the first shipment – and they will verify if this exact model works well. 
  • AA batteries – 50x. Cron batteries – 10x. For metal detector and multimeters
  • Wire strippers – 12x. Used for working with wires connected to explosives.
  • Leatherman EOD multitools – 10x. Instead of having 20 different instruments, you now have one multitool which has it all with specific EOD tools.
  • Multimeters – 4x. Used to check all the connections, electricity lines whether they are not connected to any explosives and safe to use.
  • Cigarettes – 10 blocks.
  • Armored tape – 3x. For utilitarian use.
  • Plastic clamps – 10 bags.
  • Floor mats – 6x.
  • Functional trekking socks – 2x
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