Since the start of Russia invasion war against Ukraine on February 24, people have been forced to leave their homes in eastern Ukraine, which have been bombed and destroyed, and move to safer cities in western Ukraine, such as Lviv.

Since the first days of the war, we have been meeting children at the station, giving them toys. More than 1000 toys have already been distributed. In addition, we visited more than 20 places where refugees live and set up children’s rooms for them.

Liceum Pidbirci

Now we will visit another amazing place, a school near Lviv. We completely packed Dimko’s car and went to the children Many families from Kharkiv,

School Lychakivska

These girls, as well as 3 more boys aged 6, 7 and 12, were forced to move from the east of Ukraine to a safer

Modular city

Today we will visit a town for immigrants on the territory of the park consisting of 88 houses, which Lviv received as a gift from

Leonid Cafe

This is Leonid from Crimea and the owner of a food business. He already lost his food establishments 2 times due to the war in

Library in the Rynok square

Somehow, just walking, I came across a library, a magical library, where a woman walked and collected money for a thermal imager. I decided to

School Lysynychi

I came across this school by chance, it is located near Lviv. Several families who were evacuated from Kharkiv and Luhansk live there. When I

Drohobych school

Is it possible that one toy that we give to a child will change his life forever or at least leave a positive imprint in

Skole Kamianka

This time we visited an amazing place in the forest. Around 30 kids with parents lived in this place. It’s an old tourist camp for


Where do you think the biggest consequences will be after and during the war for Ukraine? Mined territories, reconstruction of the country? No, they are

School opposite Gredle Castle

We would like to tell you a story about this place, and what was before refugees arrived to live here. This amazing place is an

Lopatyn School – Kids Day

TO HAVE A PEACEFUL CHILDHOOD! ?☀️June 1, the first day of summer, on which the International Children’s Day is celebrated. Now little Ukrainians especially need