School Lysynychi

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine War, many families left their homes and were forced to move to safety places. They arrived with nothing at all, some lost their homes forever. Together with guys we decided to at least somehow reduce the pain of children who suffered from the horrors of war, because they are our future!

I came across this school by chance, it is located near Lviv. Several families who were evacuated from Kharkiv and Luhansk live there.

When I brought several boxes of toys to this school, I saw children playing ball on the football field, I called them, and they ran to the school and hid. I guess I scare the kids with my beard.

They came out only when their parents called them. I have never seen such frightened children. They survived the war!

The children grabbed as many toys as possible and ran to their rooms. War has a negative effect on children. According to the Child Protection Organization, 10 percent of people who experience a traumatic event will later experience symptoms of psychological trauma, and another 10 percent will exhibit behavioral changes or psychological disturbances that prevent them from fully participating in everyday life. The most common disorders are anxiety disorder, depression and psychosomatic disorders.
Our project contributes to the mental health of children, helps them to survive injuries more easily. 

They have something to do, lots of toys – children’s good mood is guaranteed!

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If you would like to support those refugee kids, this place with necessary stuff: toys,
stationery for school, medicine, and make better conditions where they live – you can donate any amount of money or contact with us to deliver them aid.

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