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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine War, many families left their homes and were forced to move to safety places. They arrived with nothing at all, some lost their homes forever. Together with guys we decided to at least somehow reduce the pain of children who suffered from the horrors of war, because they are our future!

This time we visited an amazing place in the forest. Around 30 kids with parents lived in this place. It’s an old tourist camp for children, which has been closed for a long time, but the war forced it to reopen.

When we arrived, the children were at lunch. We quickly laid out the boxes with toys and waited for the children to play with them.

Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to unpack boxes and play with them, because they were just brought from difficult regions: Mariupol, Kharkiv, where there were battles and explosions. They were very afraid of talking to strangers, so we just left packages in the spotzal, hoping it would help cheer them up.

After 2 hours, when we were returning to Lviv, the director of the institution called us, thanked us and said that we managed to cheer them up very well. You just look

We believe that it is important to give children happiness, at least a little! This will help them communicate better with each other, learn how to give and receive help. Someday, when they grow up, they will remember not only the missile strikes of a merciless war, but also the toys with a smile on their faces, the goodness they played with.

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If you would like to support those refugee kids, this place with necessary stuff: toys,
stationery for school, medicine, and make better conditions where they live – you can donate any amount of money or contact with us to deliver them aid.

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