Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine War, many families left their homes and were forced to move to safety places. They arrived with nothing at all, some lost their homes forever. Together with guys we decided to at least somehow reduce the pain of children who suffered from the horrors of war, because they are our future!

Where do you think the biggest consequences will be after and during the war for Ukraine? Mined territories, reconstruction of the country? No, they are children now, and then they will grow up and become adults.

Many families suffered and were forced to go to safe places from their homes, which are occupied by the Russians.

Several families with children live in one of the monasteries in Lviv. We decided to help them, smooth out the children’s injuries and brought them toys.

Our project helps fight the consequences of war. The most important factors determining the degree of impact of war on children’s mental health are: lack of basic resources (such as shelter, water, food, education, health care, etc.); break in family relationships (due to loss, separation or displacement); stigmatization and discrimination (have a significant impact on identity); pessimistic view of life (constant sense of loss and grief, inability to imagine a bright future) and normalization of violence!

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If you would like to support those refugee kids, this place with necessary stuff: toys,
stationery for school, medicine, and make better conditions where they live – you can donate any amount of money or contact with us to deliver them aid.

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