Parcel #3 to Mortarmen – autonomous sun energy!

The idea is to have them relying on solar panels when it’s really sunny and hot in Ukraine – so they don’t need to rely on fuel for electricity in the field or in the forest.

It enables such devices as StarLinks to operate everywhere, or to charge radios, phones, thermal cameras, drones. Electricity is very important in modern war.

Care package content:

  • EcoFlow River Pro – 3x
  • 30m open reel – 1x
  • Polish sweets from @proxima33243181 from Twitter!
  • Cigarettes 10 packs

Still, solar panels are yet to come in the next parcel! Logistics are not always easy!

Well received by Mortarmen! Now, they would be able to autonomous clean energy in the field – without risk of being spotted because of the gas that the petrol generator emits.

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