Parcel #2 to Mortarmen ‒ StarLink and drones!

Mortarmen have asked to get drones and a Starlink – so they would be able to communicate with each other, and correct mortar fire over Russian positions in real time!

We are always happy to do something that involves destroying Russian invaders’ positions!

Care package content:

  • StarLink – 1x
  • Autel Evo 2 Pro 8K + 4 batteries + accessories & spare parts
  • Autel shoulder bag
  • SD cards 32-128gb – 4x
  • DJI mini from @a_vikulin + accessories, bags, FPV glasses, ocusync
  • AA batteries – 40x
  • AAA batteries – 40x
  • Cigarettes – 60 packs
  • Sweets 🙂

Well received by Mortarmen! Now, they can correct their fire on their own!

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