Parcel #4 to Mortarmen ‒ Bring the sun, and the drone!

We are covering leftover from the previous parcel – by sending 3x solar panels for charging the EcoFlow stations in the wild! Now, they can have run their Starinks solely on sun energy and it won’t get spotted to the enemy.

Another elephant in the room is the hexacopter Yuneec H520E which is intended for long-range correction of mortar fire. With the custom camera E30ZX we bought, this drone with 200x digital zoom can see up to 10 kilometers, and is a complete game changer. Glad we got it.

Care package content:
EcoFlow solar panel 110W – 2x – 712$
EcoFlow solar panel 160W – 1x – 384$
Yuneec H520E – 1x – 2300$
Camera E30ZX – 1x – 1600$
Thermoactive socks – donation from Twitter
Sweets – donation from Twitter

Total value of the parcel – ~5000$

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