Parcel #2 to Blacksmith — Charging stations – support from Sweden!

In the second parcel, we made use of our shared creative idea. 

Generous Swedish donors from BRF in Stockholm, Sweden have given us ~3500 EUR for getting EcoFlows charging stations as we figured out that there is a need at the frontlines for secure and stable communications. These charging stations power StarLinks, and they don’t emit any noise or gas smells when running. You just power that from solar energy. 

One charging station alone can give up 8-12 hours of stable Starlink service. With a 160w solar panel as we sent, it can cover completely the power requirement for Starlink, and will stay at 90-100% always.

These charging stations are placed at firing positions, in the forests, where artillery shoots. It’s critical there to have non-stop connection to the operational centers and commanders for intel on targets and threats.

Care package content

  • $529 Galaxy Tab Active Pro – 2x
  • $4,500 EcoFlow River Pro + 160w solar panel – 4x
  • $311 10x 256GB SD cards
  • $27 Glasses for tablets

Total value of the parcel


Also, the artillery unit has made a video for our Swedish donors, with their personalized message firing at Russian positions. That is great feedback that we are able to arrange

Everyone in the unit thanked us so much after we told them the story. These charging stations are game changers in daily life at firing positions, and make the units much more efficient. 


Here is the video of firing the famous round into Russians to protect our land!

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