Parcel #3 to Blacksmith — more EcoFlows

When we have been in Donbas in September, we aimed to deliver these EcoFlows since we were quite close. Fortunately, it was just the time of epic Kharkiv offensive and Blacksmith’s unit was on the march to support our liberators with fire when liberating the cities.

Given our civilian car is no good there in flooded fields where tanks get stuck, also the roads are full of shrapnel, and we don’t have 3x spare wheels, we have decided to just ship it by post when we got back out of Donbas.

That’s a good problem to have, I must admit – not being able to catch up to your units because they are moving too fast into liberation.

Care package content

  • $631 Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R
  • $470 Cigarettes 500 packs
  • $2,499 2x EcoFlow River Pro + 2x EcoFlow SOlar Panel 160w
  • $1,225 1x EcoFlow River Pro + 1x EcoFlow SOlar Panel 160w

The total value of the parcel


This brings us to 7x EcoFlow sets at their firing positions.
We have been able to fund these devices because of donations that people sent. In return, we always offer personalized video of firing artillery rounds at Russians with your custom text for any donation over 500$.

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