Parcel #2 to Dima ‒ Wear and shoot!

We are committed to helping Dima and his unit, so we are sending another package to him with high-quality uniform, weapon gear for their pistols and AR/M4s, and reliable and functional backpacks.

Care package content:

  • Tactical gloves – 4x
  • Combat shirts 5.11 – 3x
  • AR/M4 Gen M3 Window magazines – 30x
  • Weapon slings (2 dot) – 4x
  • Direct Action Backpacks 24L – 4x
  • Pistol holster – 6x
  • Weapon cleaners – 4x
  • Weapon cleaning pads – 200x
  • Waterproof protection cases for SD cards – 4x
  • BP2403 batteries for Hytera 7xx radios – 6x
  • Functional trekking socks – 10x – donation from Twitter @SvenjaWeiss6
  • Dzyga dog – 1x

Well received by Dima and his unit – every bit of that is making us closer to pushing all the Russian invaders out of Ukraine. Once, and we hope, forever.

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