Ukrainian Romance

We have finished our special fundraiser and shared Ukrainian Romance atmosphere with more than 100 people!

We believe that love can win this war. So, we are launched a special St Valentine’s Day fundraising for The Carpathian Sich 49th Infantry Battalion!

We aimed to raise $25,000 and buy night vision goggles for Ukrainian defenders.

Ukrainian Romance in numbers

Thanks to your donations we have raised more than $30 000! Now we start the procurement and delivery process of the night vision goggles to send them to our heroes from The Carpathian Sich 49th Infantry Battalion.
Will share updates soon.


Personal digital valentines with Dzyga


Mortar valentines videos


Tank valentines videos

There is always a right time for love!

And stories of heroes from the Karpatska Sich battalion are the best proof of it.

Diana came to the Donetsk region to visit her boyfriend with the codename “Toreto”.

Instead of meeting her loved one, she was surprised by a prank as it appeared later. Toreto’s brothers-in-arms faked that they need to take Diana blindfolded for inspection at headquarters.

How shocked she was to see her boyfriend with a bouquet of red roses waiting outside!

Toreto decided to propose in such an unusual way. She said “Yes!”

The war did not take away from Ukrainians the desire to live, to love, and enjoy every moment with our dearest people 🥰

Two combat medics, Zhenia and Sasha got married at the frontline 👩‍❤️‍👨

On the wedding day, the enemy became active on the direction where her brothers-in-arms were. Almost all the guests couldn’t leave the positions even for an hour, and Zhenia was constantly thinking about them.

“Wedding is always on time. Especially today, especially now,” – said the commander who was performing the ceremony.

Afterwards, they went to the city, where volunteers prepared a little celebration. Closer to evening the guests began to gather: tired, thrilled, and alive.

All photos made by Kostiantyn & Vlada Liberov

Also, check out a report about the “Carpathian Sich” battalion by Ukrainian Toronto TV.