Toys for Lviv Railway Station

At the start of the war, one of our volunteers, Roman, helped in the Railway station at Lviv. There were a lot of people with children. Therefore, we wanted to make children less stressed and give them a smile from the toy.

So we went and bought a whole carload of toys and baby food.

In the beginning, we gave one box of toys to children in 2-3 days. So we needed more toys. Dimko wrote about it on Twitter and a few weeks later, a full truckload of toys arrived from Luxemburg. In most cases in the rail station, we need soft toys or something a child can hold in hand.

A kid who arrived at Lviv Railway 4 months ago — we gave him a plush toy of a dog.
4 months later, he is coming back home. He holds the same plush toy. That’s how we know our work is making an impact. Kids love it, and they get attached to those toys to relieve the stress.

We still receive boxes of toys that we give to the children at the train station, although there are far fewer children.

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