Toys from Luxemburg

In Lviv, more and more children came to the station, and we needed as many as possible. Dimko found a way to solve this problem.

A few weeks later, a full truckload of toys arrived from Luxemburg. We sorted them, carried out a detailed accounting and began to distribute them at the rail station and deliver them to institutions where many refugees and children live.

There were a lot of toys in the truck, we didn’t expect it. We decided to sort it all in detail and
keep track of it.

The next week we actively sorted and played with toys, because they were incredible.

The process of sorting each box was interesting, because we opened it and every time there was something interesting, a toy, or sweets.

There were an incredible number of different toys and goods for children: strollers, cradles, bicycles, cars, dolls, soft toys, hygiene, sweets…

Many thanks to the Ukrainian community from Luxembourg for humanitarian aid – a truckload of toys, which gave us the opportunity to help a large number of children

LUkraine asbl

Then, after sorting the toys, we purposefully delivered and distributed them to children at the train station who arrived from the eastern regions of Ukraine affected by the war.

We took the other part of the toys to institutions where many immigrants with children live. You can read in more detail in the following articles.

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