How we supported Mica

Every parcel that I collected, and especially this one for Mica and his platoon, is an interesting war story besides. Their platoon was the first to go to hot spots to fight against the Russians. The first month of the war was hard, so we decided to help them.


Package contents

Binocular (4х 6х 8х) zoom3
Thermal Hand Held (like JSA IR-435)1
Rangefinder ~1 km distance1
Military unloading vest10
Helmet covers10
T-shirts olive33
Balaclava summer33
Fingerless Tactical Gloves 15 min12
Camouflage robe2
Diesel generator (petrol)1
Oil for generator 10w-401
Manual saw3
Set of tools1
Nails (200 size)4
A pack of cigarettes205
First aid kit (IFAC, Nato type) Full Complected31


Package cost


here you can check the detailed finance report:

This is an incredible story, this help was on the front line for more than 3 weeks, while my friend Mika went missing, and I lost contact with him. All this time 3 weeks his platoon was under artillery fire.


Detailed story who is Mica 

All this time, I negotiated and held the package in different platoons, then  Mika got in touch and took all the packages.

Unfortunately, a week later they were caught in fire against the Russians, and Mika and his brothers were wounded. It is important that they had good first-aid kits, which they used and saved many people’s lives.

After the injury, we also collected money for his recovery. 1,650 dollars were collected, with which he bought special food (he ate through a tube for a month, because his mouth was stitched), and had his teeth done.

Everything is fine with Mika now, he continues fighting in the front. We also bought a bulletproof vest and a helmet. Cost 600$.

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