Near front-line hospital Roman mission

The worst thing that can happen in life is war! It means killed heroes – defenders, ruined human lives, which you will probably never get back! We want to share with you a story about this place Dzyga’s Paw Fund co-founder Roman and his wife Adriana went to recently.

This is a hospital in a front-line city. Battles took place here, in which thousands of people died. The doctor you see on the picture is a head of intensive care unit. From February 24th, he and his team worked non-stop! Lived in the hospital, and saved the lives of hundreds of wounded Ukrainian soldiers, and sometimes even Russian occupants who surrendered!

This hospital was repeatedly attacked by Russian missiles and almost destroyed. The doctor and his team had to perform operations in the basements to the sound of explosions.

Since the hospital is almost closed and all communications such as the Internet and the power supply of devices in the intensive care unit have been affected, we decided to help with this. Roman and Adriana handed over critical resuscitation medicine, Starlinks, and more will help to save lives!

The next few days they spent for setting up communication using Starlinks and repairing backup power for reanimation.

Roman’s wife Adriana managed to buy approximately 200 medical kits used to resuscitate wounded soldiers. And sure they also brought with them several Starlinks and equipment for setting it up.

Roman has been preparing for this trip for over 2 weeks. On the first day of their stay in the hospital, they managed to install one Starlink, and even connect it to the hospital’s internal network.

Roman with Adriana climbed high on the roof of the hospital, and they were lucky that it was horizontal. Roman found the highest point, the place to fix the Starlink.
He is afraid of heights, and in addition, when he started to attach it, the air strike alert started – emotions were over the top!

While he attached the Starlink to the edge of the roof, Adriana fixed the wire. It took them quite a while to set up and they finished the job after dark!

They ran the wire from Starlink directly to the roof of the hospital, and there connected it to the already prepared shield for Internet connection and powering Starlink. Some adjustments to the IP address were made and the Internet worked for the entire building of the hospital!

Roman installed Starlink version 2 and decided to test the speed of the Internet connection. It was only 23 megabits, which is very little for a hospital.
So he installed another one later.

Interestingly, the round Starlink will have a much higher speed, read on…

Roman spent another day fixing the emergency power backup.

It was previously sent by @PShmots and his company Newuseenergy to the hospital.
The backup power station has partially burned down. He figured out the reason in a few hours and fixed it!

The working power station will make it possible to support the life of people in intensive care, artificial respiration devices, and other devices Even when the Russians bomb the infrastructure and the hospital is complete without power

The next day they installed another Starlink. This time it was more difficult, because there was a sloping roof, and it was difficult to climb there. They also had problems running the cable into the room with the equipment, but managed to do everything!

This time guys installed Starlink version 1 and it showed a speed of 191 megabits. Which will be enough to connect one more building. Is it weird why the 2-nd version is slower?
Roman also set it up and connected it to the network of the hospital, another critical building.

One more Starlink was installed the next day in the same building as 1-st installed, to increase network speed and coverage in the shelters.

Unfortunately, many things could not be done due to lack of time: install more Starlinks, and set up a network in the bomb shelter of the hospital, so that even when the Russians bombed, doctors could operate the wounded.

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