Military Drone School

As the year of the brutal full-scale Russian invasion is coming closer, we realize that love can be found in the darkest times. Especially in these dark times of war. It brings us closer and makes us stronger.

Drone intelligence is an integral part of military operations. At the beginning of the full-scale war we often sent drones to the front lines and received in response that very few people knew how to operate them. Together, we made an effort to solve this problem and decided to train military operators on drones.

Drone School specialises in training military who go on the front line in two weeks to combat operations. Training is conducted in small groups with an emphasis on quality training, practice, and flying, rather than the number of cadets. The theory is also kept to a minimum.

Our students are soldiers from Ukrainian Army Forces, Special Operations Forces, Ukrainian intelligence, soldiers from Azov… With our participation, we graduated 30 groups with 348 military drone operators! Where 210 graduates are fighting for freedom in Ukraine on the front lines!

We have a few training courses:

Basic — The course teaches from scratch how to fly a drone, scouting, basic camouflage skills, and flying in areas with radio interference. Provides the pilot with skills that will help to survive and at the same time get a result.

The advanced — course is for pilots who have returned from a rotation with combat experience. This involves working with thermal imagers, dropping mines (VOGs), masking, adjusting artillery, and other things that are needed to improve the effectiveness of combat operations at the front.

FPV — course for piloting impact FPV drones. The training consists of several weeks of theory and a minimum of 20 hours of practice on the simulator. The complexity of practical tasks gradually increases. The main goal is to teach fighters to react to changing circumstances during flight, hovering, and landing. This is a separate type of complex drone piloting, allowing you to destroy the enemy, especially when using the kamikaze drone effectively.

Wings — Basics of using aircraft-type UAVs in military conditions. Practical lessons on launching in the field and flying over long distances.

Education, accommodation of soldiers — operators, food during study time, all this is free for them! All made with your donations and our efforts to win the war faster!

Due to unavoidable circumstances, Roman – stopped working on this project. The school will exist and continue to train soldiers — drone operators.

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