Christmas boxes

Our fund is developing and growing unbelievably fast with your immense help and support. This made us think more about the importance of our role as a communication bridge connecting Ukraine and our supporters worldwide.

We want this bridge to help you explore and see how rich and fascinating our country, culture, and traditions are, so we are developing several projects we hope to implement and experience with you in the future.

Sooo… First things first – Christmas is coming!
In Ukraine, Christmas is hugely celebrated. It is a whirlpool of Christian and pagan traditions, topped up with hundreds of carols, traditional wandering theatres, days of hosting and guesting, and more. It is a time of joy, friendship, and light.
We wish to share this celebration with you and assemble a Christmas package to guide you through the ancient Ukrainian celebration. You will get something you can touch, taste, smell, hear, listen to, read and gift.
We tried our best to shape Ukrainian traditional Christmas in one box for you to enjoy!

We have only 100 such packages, and if you want to get one, please donate 500$+, so our fellow Ukrainians on the frontline can enjoy Christmas in their own way:)

If you are interested – please fill out the form.
During the following weeks, we will be sharing Ukrainian Christmas facts with you along with a reminder about our cause, so be fast and attentive, as there are only a hundred packages, yet Christmas is coming…