Our phisopophy

We are supporting war effort instead of humanitarian. Most of us being Ukrainians, we know there would be no humanitarian crisis if not Russian invasion. Ukraine is fine. But with Russia’s barbaric war crimes, it becomes much harder to live here.

We want to fix the reason why humanitarian aid is needed in the first place. We want to push off Russian invaders out of Ukrainian borders, and make it so they would not want to come back here. Then, we believe, humanitarian problem becomes much easier to tackle and we would be happy to put our efforts into that. Once there are no Russian invaders in Ukraine, and Ukrainian cities are not shelled daily, we are happy to put our best efforts into humanitarian direction.

In case of Russo-Ukrainian war, we have to remove the threat first, then to help civilians.

Thus, we are putting most of our resources into military aid – especially into the technologies that give tactical advantage over enemies. Air recon drones, StarLinks, long-range encrypted radios, radio repeaters, advanced night vision, thermal cameras, and so on. Most of our team coming from IT background, and we know a thing or two about advanced technologies. That makes it possible for us to optimally validate, source, test, and suggest usages of technologies to Ukrainian military units, so they can gain that tactical advantage over Russian forces and humiliate them.

Also, as we are chatting daily with the military units, we know that there is always a demand for consumables such as sweets, cigarettes, trekking socks, tactical gloves, batteries – all these things are GOLD. We are happily packing those into each “care package” we send – because our fighters should know – we are thinking about them, about their comfort as well.

Charity fund